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Contemporary Artist Dora Woodrum

Dora Woodrum Fine Art showcases the artistic creations of Dora Woodrum. Her work is Vibrant, intense and inspirational. Dora has been creating fine art since 2005.

Dora prides herself on producing high-quality art that will last for years to come. Each handmade in the USA canvas used to create original art is carefully selected. 

Every original painting purchased from her studio will be signed and dated and ready to hang. Each painting created is a stunning conversation piece. Dora also applies a clear coat of varnish to every piece of artwork she creates to make sure your investment will last for decades to come.

Dora Woodrum Fine Art also offers free consultations to both commercial and residential clients. Her work has been placed in businesses, movie sets and Hotels throughout the USA, Asia, and Europe. Although most of her creations are in homes of collectors and admirers. Dora Woodrum  Fine art prides itself on excellence and reliable customer service.

Dora is best known for her Large Scale Vibrant Textured Art.Dora’s style is her rich, vibrant symphony of colors. Dora's artwork has lots of texture and depth. She describes her style as “unique, contemporary, textured, intense abstract art .”

“I love to use different items to create depth and different textures. My paintings are fun and unique. I use a variety of colors that compliment each other, including pearlescent powders, inks, and metallics, they really seem to make my paintings pop! I try to be creative and make one of a kind original art that expresses pleasant emotions. I don’t stop working on a painting until I can stand back and say, wow! and I can feel the power and intensity of its presence!” says Dora.



Dora has donated a few of her masterpieces to the Autism Foundation in Akron, Ohio. These creations were then sold during live auctions. All proceeds and money gains were then forwarded on to the Autism Foundation. Dora has also donated a few pieces to the Make a Wish Foundation, which were auctioned off at Batterby's Gallery in Orlando.





Dora Woodrum’s art can be seen in the movies:


"Vengeance" (2021) starring Ashton Kutcher
"Freaky" (2020)  starring Vince Vaughn

Be sure to watch the movie to see Dora's work! 


About The Artist

I’m a native of California, I moved to the Cleveland, Ohio area in 1997 and lived there until 2012, when I moved to Orlando, Florida. I now call Sarasota, Florida my home. I am a self-taught professional working artist.  The start of my artistic expression began in 2005 when during my days off as a nurse I would paint as a hobby. Friends and family were impressed with my artwork and suggested I sell my pieces, so I did, and I did well. I then worked as a professional nurse during the day and I would paint after work and on my days off from 2005-2008. In 2008 I came to a crossroad, I was getting so many custom orders that it was hard to keep up with the orders, and maintain a full-time job as a nurse. I had to make a choice. So, I decided to follow my passion! In 2008 I took being a full-time artist seriously and launched my website And, I have never looked back and regretted it.